Automotive Tinting

Window tints are a quick and cost effective way to protect and enhance your vehicle.

We provide a full mobile service and can tint your car at your home or premises.


Reduce UV Rays, Sun Glare and Heat


Window tints are an excellent solution for reducing dangerous and annoying sun glare in your vehicle. We only use top the range films from SunTek that  provide optimum protection from harmful UV rays and greatly reduce the level of heat gain inside your vehicle.  This creates a more comfortable and safe driving environment, protects your interiors from sun damage and increases fuel efficiency by relying less on air conditioning.


Enhance the Look 


Get the latest in style and enhance the look of your vehicle with a range of tints from subtle shades to darkest legal tint. We do supply darker tints but it’s better to keep your car roadworthy. In Victoria the legal requirements are that your windows should not be darker than 35%


Create Privacy and Security

Protect your valuables from prying eyes and create privacy in your ute, car, wagon or 4×4 with our top of the range of window films for your individual needs.

SunTek Films