Residential Tinting

Protect your Furnishings and Interiors



UV rays are the main cause of damage to your curtains, furnishings, carpet and wooden floors, causing fabric to fade and weaken, and wooden flooring to dray and crack.  Window film protects your home from up to 99% of UV rays, keeping your furnishings bright and saving you money.


Effective Temperature Control and Energy Efficiency


Heat that usually passes straight through glass can now be controlled to the levels you want with our range of window films.  Our window films prevent the heat of the sun getting in during summer, reducing air conditioning costs and creating a comfortable living environment, while retaining natural light and views. Window film is also known to retain some interior heat, contributing to a reduction in heating costs during cooler months.


Create Privacy


Create privacy in and out of your home with our range of solar, privacy and frosted films.  We have a solution to fit your individual needs.  With window films, privacy can be obtained while still making the most of natural light but the darker films do work better if you want to stop those prying eyes.

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